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→ Supercity Quebec Pioneers: Back from London!


Hello everyone, so the Super City Quebec Pioneers team is now back from their trip to London! We gotta say that it was amazing and we had a realy good time there, London is a really beautiful city and we will definitely go back!

Marie was suppose to go meet McFly and get some exclusives stuff,…

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McFly are hotter than JLS and The Wanted

 you could get down and dirty with all the members of McFly, The Wanted or JLS who would you choose?

Tough one eh? 
Well according to a new poll by it’s actually the McFly lads (and not The Wanted or JLS) who are the most fanciable boyband.
We can exclusively reveal that Dougie, Tom, Harry and Danny came out on top when a bunch of students were asked which band they’d most like to (collectively) have sex with. 
And girl bands The Saturdays and Girls Aloud even came in above of The Wanted and JLS (there must have been a helluva lot of guys voting too). 
Writing this story has got us picturing going home with ALL of McFly, JLS and The Wanted. Dangerous. 
As well, in the OK! Magazine poll, 71% of people picked McFly. Nice, lads! 


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Tom and Giovanna officially engaged!

Tom annouced it on his twitter that him and Gi are finally getting married. And EVERYONE is happy for him. So exciting. This is going to be massive and wicked. CONGRATULATION GUYS!

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Attention Quebec McFlyers!

Attention Quebec McFlyers!

If you’re from Quebec and you like McFly follow

It’s a project to try to get McFly to Quebec and unite all Quebec McFlyers/Pioneers together. Other people from other provinces can join if they want and help out(Hey! Quebec is in Canada, and from there they go to other provinces!)

Go their website for more informaton:

As well here are there other social networking sites to follow and contact and be part of this goal to bring McFly over here!



Youtube Channel:

Thanks! :)


Si tu as du Quebec et tu aimes McFly follow

Il est un projet pour essayer d’apporter McFly au Quebec et unir tout de le McFlyers/Pioneers de Quebec de Mcfly ensemble!

Pour l’information allez sur le site:

Aussi, visitez l’autres sites de réseautage social 



Youtube :

Merci! :D 

(P.S. Je ne parle pas bien le francais, donc désolé si il y a des erruers. Je suis anglais :P)

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mcflycanadahq-deactivated201304 said:
Hey guys!

Would you mind about doing us a little bit of pub. We need as many people as possible on our project and on the Street Team of the McFly Army from Quebec, Canada. No need ot be a Pioneer on SuperCity to take part in the project :) Everything is explain on our tumblr. And also on our twitter. and our web site I really hope you will help us have people in our project and many other project that will be done with people from here and people that will take part in that =D


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